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Biographical notes

Born in Turin November 19, 1963, where he lives and works.

Poet, Journalist and Writer.

Sensitive man, restless and sad, joyful, restless, living in symbiosis with his poetry.

Winds hanks of speculations to offer to the public, trying to resemble each other, is hiding in his own psyche to be, his art makes him happy: Do not look for glory easy but subtle joy.

Hopes to fly away from the dull world of everyday life for all, not enjoying, loving those who love him.

In recent years he has appeared in numerous performances in prestigious theaters (International Poetry Festival - Palazzo Ducale Genoa, Teatro Coliseum in Turin, Teatro Regio in Turin, Villa Caprillina of Livorno, Garybaldi Teatro Settimo Torinese, Children's Theater of Turin), collaborating with songwriters (Graziano Rey), groups, soloists, harp and flute, comedians and mimes.

He opened with speeches poetic art shows, private parties, and public places (
ACI gallery Turin, Piazza Grande Torino in Frattocchie Rm, show at OGR Officine Grandi Repairs to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the town of Cavour, Castle of Virle (TO), Master Club Fioccardo (TO).
Presented awards for poetry, art exhibitions, fashion shows and public events.

Always appreciated his "poequadri" pictures poetic, with exhibitions across the nation. His work was exhibited at the "
Biennale di Venezia" in Turin curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

The relationship with the media has always been consistent and mutually reinforcing.
If the Media only needed a poem or opinion icastici and effective in Ermanno Eandi have always found the answer to their problems.

In the world of solidarity has worked with
Telethon in 2010 and 2011, producing shows and creating poetic paintings on golf and cycling, with beautiful pictures of Sandro Barollo: the works were auctioned and all proceeds were donated to Telethon.

In 1998, the RAI Eurovision, on the occasion of the Exposition S. Shroud and the coming of the Pope in Turin, was read his poem to the presence of the Holy Father.
He has made the postcard and the poster poetic for the 50th anniversary of the tragedy of the "
Grande Torino" in Superga spreading its products in Italy and abroad.
In the
Museum "Fausto Coppi" the native home of Castellania has been inserted a poem dedicated to the Champion.
He is a member of SIAE as the author of the literary part of the songs.

On 19 November 2007 in Frossasco was born on
Toro Club Ermanno Eandi

In 2011 he was the official presenter of the singing competition "Sanremo Junior" for Piedmont organized by EP Events Eliana Petruzzelli.


In the field of journalism has a blog on QN.net (the site of "Il Giorno", "La Nazione" and "Il resto del Carlino") and the press officer of the Cantina Dora Renato Frossasco.

Ermanno Eandi is also present in the world of TV
as a journalist commentator for television and radio programs.


From 2000 to 2002
he edited the book "The poetry of sport" in the newspaper TUTTOSPORT.

From 2003 to 2005
he collaborated with the newspaper TUTTOSPORT, directed by Giancarlo Padovan was the editor of the book "In Maratona" dedicated to the fans of Torino Calcio.

From 2005 to 2006, t
he newspaper QS (Quotidiano Sportivo) directed by Xavier Jacobelli as a columnist, poet and sports journalist.

From 2000 to 2010
he collaborated with the newspaper "TORINO CRONACA QUI" weekly publishing his poems in the poetry section "Torino in versi"

From 2006 to 2012
he was journalist of the online newspaper "TORO NEWS"

In 2009
he was responsible for the cultural page "Versi Versatili" of the "Corriere di Livorno" and "Corriere di Cecina and Rosignano

Ready and practical when it comes to promoting the well, finds its realization in comparison with children and the elderly, in fact, taught in various schools in Italy by stages of poetry and poetic creativity.

He has performed with great success master of
Socratic poetry applied to management training for managers and officials, he was artistic director of conferences and spoke with his art as a speaker, moderator or guest poetic conventions, master, debates and round tables.

Often intervenes in social bringing his art to
public institutions, municipalities, districts.

He has performed poetry workshops in the Prison of Asti doing with the works of the prisoners the anthology "Signs of life on the planet Sedna"

His poems are housed in numerous internet sites that deal with poetry, sports and religion.

He published: "Il Pazzo della Mole" (1994), "Particelle d'Ipertensione" (1995), "Esso" dialogue with a pronoun (1996), "Sportiamoci in versi" anthology of poetry sports (Bradipolibri edition 2003, 2004,2005, 2006), "Dove osano i granata" (Bradipolibri 2004), "Segnali di vita dal pianeta Sedna" poetic anthology with the inmates of the Penitentiary of Asti (Hummingbird 2005), "Il Toro Siamo Noi" Written in collaboration with the fans turin FC (Toronews 2006), "Ho solo le ali" collection of poems (Elena Morea Editions, 2010)

Discography: the song
"Filadelfia" written and sung by Ermanno Eandi was included in "Grenate Hits Compilation", "Canta Toro Mio" in 2011. In addition to "Filadelfia" includes many songs sung by Valerio Liboni, Silvano Borgatta, Italian Quartet, Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls)

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