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Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe


My name is Norma Jeane *
(poem dedicated to Marilyn Monroe)

My name is Norma Jeane,
I see it every day on my lips
and then hide it completely
with that of Marilyn,
thanks to a provocative lipstick.

My name is Norma Jeane,
the carve beneath my feet
for concealing with silk stockings
and elevate hiding
Marilyn in high heels.

My name is Norma Jeane,
I find it in any pill
I take to forget,
I see him in every man,
in every nightmare in which I lose
not to be with Marilyn.

My name is Norma Jeane,
are as beautiful as Marilyn,
but far away from her
even though I live in his body.

My name is Marilyn Monroe,
Norma was dissolved off ...
but I continue to exist,
my smile with burning hearts
and inflames the soul and passion
of those who look at me and want me.

My name is legend,
 the night lights up my face,
all the beauty of the world lives in me,
sip a drink ... I feel free ... now,
bye bye baby ..

Ermanno Eandi

* Norma Jeane Baker is the real name of Marilyn Monroe

Poem created on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death
August 5, 1962 - August 5, 2012

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This poem is a psychological portrait of the great Marilyn Monroe, who proposed the big star, alone with her psychiatric problems (was hospitalized), always looking to escape itself (Norma Jeane), using high doses of sleeping pills and drugs . The great actress, according to the poet, finds herself calm and only after death and then begins to shine in the immortal firmament of Hollywood and in the hearts of all.

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