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Poetry multiethnic

Multiethnic Poetry in the schools of Turin

Images and verses for the integration of pupils in some classes multiethnic, poems and paintings dedicated to Turin, the unification of Italy and the countries of origin of foreign students.
The poetry project multiethnic took place in
two elementary fourth of Turin, namely the "F. Sclopis" and "Giulia Falletti of Barolo" in 2011.
Were carried stages of Socratic poetry in the classroom, where students learned techniques of poetic creativity and painting, and have finally created a work of art comprising a painting and some verses on integration, multi-ethnicity, the '
love for Italy and the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Turin, the neighborhood where they live or, for many foreigners the country of origin, who have been exposed during a final celebration in true gallery' art. The project was sponsored and funded by the District of the City of Turin as part of the Forum School Territory.
The poetic lectures were conducted by
Ermanno Eandi, exposure and the finale were carried ACI Gallery in Turin.
Thank you, first of all, the students: they have been wonderful, all well-trained faculty, the indispensable help of District I, with its President
Massimo Guerrini, and its valuable employees Laura Bianco, Anna Gerardi, Rosalba Pesce, Anna Maria Russo and the incomparable Anna Sciarrillo artistic director shall ACI Galllery.

Here are some examples.

The artist is available to perform stages of creative poetry in schools

If you want to see the drawings and poems
nature and the environment
elementary schools and secondary schools of Turin
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Stages nelle scuole di Ermanno Eandi
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