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pope Francis Papa Francesco

Papa Francesco - Pope Francis
Poetry dedicated to Pope Francis
Humble verses, turned from a simple to a great spiritual father,
 that simply loves father .

Smile us, Francis,
Soul of Love,
come from far away
to enlighten us inside.

Tell us, Francis,
gives joy and hope,
melt the ice cold
of souls opaque and dull
with the warmth of your voice.

Come to us, Francis,
among shipwreck survivors on Lampedusa,
add water to the beans in the favelas of love,
supervises the borders and vigil on the outskirts of the faith.
Disrupts anesthetized hearts of those who live in the shadows
with the pick of your prophetic words
with your prayers and disarms the mighty of the earth.

Tell us, Francis,
Tell us about Him, the God who goes before us always,
that always has some wonderful surprise for us,
blinda with the faith that your car defenseless,
that pushes you towards those who suffer and cry
and makes you feel anger against the imposters of the faith.

We will pray with you, Francis,
who gives us joy and hope with your smiling simplicity;
hugging in the Spirit of Love
become mystical multi-chromatic light
with you and we will form a rainbow of faith and pure love
that will light up the world ...

Thank you Francis.

Ermanno Eandi

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